Moist Chocolate Cupcakes

Sometimes all you really want is a little chocolate. Well these cupcakes are for when you wantplenty of chocolate – no skimping. To start, the cupcake itself is maybe the most moist cupcake you’ll ever have. It’s ridiculously good. Who knew homemade chocolate cupcakes could be so good? Part of their secret is that they are baked at a lower temperature.

And then there’s the frosting. The best chocolate cupcakes needed an awesome chocolate frosting. Something silky smooth and full of real chocolate. This frosting begins with butter and melted chocolate. So smooth and delicious on its own. The chocolate gives it a fudgy quality.

The fluffy chocolate cupcake with the fudgy chocolate frosting is divine! You’ll hardly be able to take your fingers out of the frosting long enough to put in on the cupcakes but once you do – the cupcakes won’t stand a chance!



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