David Hervé

The passion for oyster farming has run in the veins of the Hervé family for three generations. A passion marked by patience, effort and, inevitably, unwavering love for the oyster farmer profession and the Marennes-Oléron basin, a land cradled by the sea and marshes.
Grandson and son of oyster farmers, David Hervé takes roundabout paths before devoting himself to family activity. What could be better than taking to the open sea, immersing yourself with curiosity in new experiences? After high commercial studies, he worked for a few years in advertising. But, as a matter of course, he returned to his first love and signed a return to his roots in 1995.
Driven by his previous professional experiences and his taste for challenges, David Hervé makes the slogan of his company, "Sharing the exception", his motto. In 1995, he chose to start his business project by bringing the “Pousse en Claire” up to date on the family oyster lands, operated by his grandfather since 1939, using a traditional breeding method: a meticulous selection of oysters, raised then matured in clear 6 to 8 months at the rate of one and a half oysters per m2. The story can then begin ...
Today, the 3 hectares of marine parks allow purely local production, which benefits from the Atlantic currents. An exclusive and necessarily exceptional production! At the same time, the company supplies itself abroad to offer its customers a wider range and more substantial production. David Hervé thus selects in Brittany, Ireland, Spain and Portugal, the most beautiful specimens from oyster farmers who respect the ethics and quality requirements of the company. These oysters end their journey in Saint-Just, in the heart of the Marennes-Oléron oyster basin, in the 40 hectares of clears dedicated to maturing. Conditions that give them unique flavors.
From Paris to Grasse, from Milan to Hong Kong, David Hervé today shines around the world thanks to a large network of restaurateurs, markets and distributors who have chosen to promote David Hervé's “exception”.