A Family History since 1866



Attached to its regional land, Auvernou has preserved its know-how since 1866. Auvernou products are manufactured in two workshops located
near Ussel and Tence, more than 800 meters high.
In this beautiful region, the "terroir" is suitable for pork farming and
cured products manufacturing.





Auvernou dry sausages are made of pork meat; they are elaborated and dried
in respect of a 2000 years old know-how. A particular attention is paid to
the selection of raw materials, in order to offer premium quality products.
The expertise and passion of our dedicated professionals enables us to offer
a large range of saucisson shapes and recipes.





In recent years, Auvernou brand has adapted its recipes, formats and packaging in order to offer a range of dry products in line with new consumption habits, while carefully preserving the authentic and traditional terroir values​.
Less salt, less fat, new recipes combined with innovative presentations allow us to offer products of high quality to be shared among friends, at any time
of the day.